Roadrunners on a training run
Roadrunners on a training run

I recently joined a running group and we ran ten 10k runs in three weeks

I never imagined myself running ten races in three weeks. I never imagined myself running three races in three weeks. That all changed when I joined the Road Runners running team. I've run more than I ever have.
It all started two months ago when I was looking for a new hobby. I grew up being a runner, but thought those days were behind me. Wrong! The Road Runners brought back out the runner in me. I joined the team at an interesting time. The Road Runners were trying to set a local record. They wanted to run the most 10k races in three weeks.
I thought the task at hand was impossible. "Could someone get hurt doing this?", I thought to myself. After some serious thinking decided to join the challenge.
I thought for sure I was out of my mind. I started to run daily with only two days off to rest and recover. Three days I would run alone and two days with the group. Training was aggressive. At first I wasn't used to running over 15 miles in a single practice. The pace was fast and I wanted to quit. Unfortunately, that wasn't an option for me.
When I commit to something I never give up. That is exactly what did. I continued to run and surprisingly things got easier. I ran hard from practice through the last race.
Running with a team not only pushed me past limits I never knew I had. Even when wanted to give up I had teammates to lift me up. Remember, if you feel the desire to quit, just keep moving.
“I thought the task at hand was impossible.”
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