The dress I wore to the gala
The dress I wore to the gala

I Spent The Evening In The Most Beautiful Megaron At My Annual Local Gala

Each year my community throws a gala to raise money for illnesses and poverty. It's a small thing we do, but it's a big help to those who need it. This year the gala was held at our new library.
There were many firsts at this year's gala. It was the opening of our new library and the first gala to be held outside of our city hall. My family raised over twenty thousand dollars this year and bout a table at the gala well over $44,000. We've always been big contributors, but this was the first time we raised so much money.
I'm still proud of the efforts everyone made. The night if the gala was incredible. The space was decorated beautifully. The servers were dressed like librarians and served with books.
I thought the entire event was a success. From the funds raised to the dinnerware. The guests were all dressed to the nines as well. The space was well lit and the finger food was good.
Upon arrival guests were given tour of the library. My favorite room was the megaron. You don't see them very much these days. The entire room looked like something from a fairy tale. Small tiles filled the walls, a fountain lived in the middle of the room and four columns held the space together. It was classic architecture.
I'm so happy I got the opportunity to be one of the first people to see the library. I spent much of my evening after dinner admiring the megaron with my husband. We took many photos.
“I thought the entire event was a success. ”
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