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I Swear I Still Have Splinters From Wooden Model Kits I Made Years Ago

I love the look of wooden model kits. Something about the color, the texture, and even the smell of the wood just adds an entire new level of enjoyable to these models. I am always tempted to pick one up, but then I remember the splinters.
No matter how careful I am, even if I wear gloves, I always get splinters working with wooden model kits. It's been this way since I was a kid, having been to the emergency room more than a few times to deal with some particularly nasty splinters. It doesn't matter how many you get, they still hurt every time. Nothing I did seemed to help with it.
I thought sanding the wood would help me get around the splinters. I would spend most of the time building the model sanding the wood. I went through sheets of sandpaper.
Somehow, even after I swear I've gotten every piece of wood out, there are always a few splinters left in my hand or arm. These ones don't seem to make their presence known until long after I've put the tweezers and rubbing alcohol away. Noticing them in the shower tends to be the most common way this happens. Nothing ruins a morning like splinters.
Yet no matter how many splinters I get and seem to continue to get for days after completing or giving up on a wooden model, I never learn my lesson and end up buying more models.
I wouldn't be surprised if I got some sort of splinter or wood-related illness that does me in eventually. I don't think I could say it was quite worth it, but I have impulse control.
“I never learn my lesson and end up buying more models.”
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