I think we should use the word "Caboose" more...

Okay, okay, I know. "Caboose" is a silly word, but I love it! I want to use it as slang all the time. I tell my girls to "move their cabooses" all the time-- it's just too cute.
My husband hates when I use the word. Since he is an avid model train collector and builder, he is always quick to remind me that a Caboose is the train car at the end of the train that housed the crew. He's such a killjoy sometimes. Ha! So, I'll chase his caboose around the house until we end up laughing at the absurdity of it all.
Almost all trains no longer require a caboose at the end anymore. It feels almost a little sad, but everything comes to an end eventually.
It's a cool word. Learning where things stem from is always fun for me. I have asked him what else it was used for: it was also used as the conductor's office, and on long treks, the caboose would house the kitchen and even the bedroom accommodations. So, I guess it's safe to say, there was a lot of junk in the trunk back in the day.
The caboose is a relic, stored as antiques on lawns or by houses or in parks now. There's one in our city's park by the water. I'd love for the girls to play on it...
So, since the caboose has gone by the wayside, we should still keep it in our vernacular! Let's not let it die out; let's move our cabooses to keep it alive.
“"... I love it and want to use it as slang all the time..."”
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