A tree similar to the single tree at Chambers Bay
A tree similar to the single tree at Chambers Bay

I Took A Photo With Chambers Bay Only Tree — It Was A Lonely Experience

I recently took a trip to a few different states looking for odd and funny places to take interesting selfies. I know it sounds weirs, but it's a Facebook group I joined a while back.
The group is very extremely funny once you get into it. It's a series of challenges given to the community each week. This week's challenge was to visit Chambers Bay and take an awkward photo with someone or something while you're there. Whoever has the most interesting picture wins the Random Pic Of The Week title.
When I got to the the golf course I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I walked about for at least two hours before seeing the what made this golf course different. It only had one tree. Most gold courses are filled with big beautiful trees. I thought this flaw was hilarious. So I took my selfie with the tree.
Needless to say I won that week's contest and was even featured on a sports show that never noticed how weird it was that the course only had one tree. My photo was everywhere.
I was featured in my Facebook group and other local television station evening news segments. I didn't expect any of it.
“My photo was everywhere.”
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