Me sending an email to all of my friends
Overall Passion
Me sending an email to all of my friends

I Took A Survey To See If People Preferred Overall Pants Or Overall Shorts

My wife loves overalls. She even wore them on our first date to the movie theater. I didn't expect a heels and a leather skirt, but the overalls threw me a little. She wore them well though.
Since that day we've had an ongoing debate whether people prefer overall shorts or pants. I think most people prefer pants because they look more stylish. They can be worn tight, fitted or baggy and they look cool not matter which sex wears them. My wife loves the shorts overalls. She thinks they give summer a new meaning.
I couldn't quite see her perspective so we decided to take a survey among our most stylish friends. We found a website that allowed us to put up photos pf ourselves in overalls.
Of course my wife put on a cute pair of shorts and we went shopping to find my pair of overall pants. We had such a fun time taking pictures and posting them for friends.
We both went through our email lists and sent out the survey. We posted on all of our social media too. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat were all hit with the overall survey challenge. There was no prize to be gained. It was just to see who had better taste in our household. It was fun, silly, harmless and a challenge.
We gave our friends five days before we pulled the challenge from social media and announce the winner. It was time to reveal. As expected, I was the winner. Folks love overall pants.
“ It was fun, silly, harmless and a challenge. ”
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