A traffic jam not quite in the sky yet
A traffic jam not quite in the sky yet

I was once stuck on the airport runway for over two hours.

The last time I took a flight, I was stuck on the airport runway for two hours. I kid you not. They wouldn't turn the plane around to go back to the tarmac so that we could deplane, because there was such a traffic jam of planes behind us.
There was a traffic jam in front of us, too. We were traveling to Arizona & we were stuck in one giant traffic jam sandwich. At first they said there would be a small wait. Then, they told us to get a little more comfortable; we could take off our seat belts & roam around. We were getting very antsy, though, with very little answers to our questions.
It was very confusing, because we could tell that the flight attendents were also getting a bit uneasy. They assured us that there was no safety hazard--
that the plane was fine and all the people aboard were status quo. My seatmate and I started to check outside from the windows-- there was no missing what was going on. The flight attendants were finally able to tell us what was happening, which was good, but there was nothing they could do about it. I felt bad for them. People were mad.
I understand being upset about the situation, but the flight attendents don't have control over when we take off and when we get out of a traffic jam, you know?
We finally made it up in the air after about two hours of waiting and being couped up. It was awful, but luckily, nothing lasts forever. I think someone called out sick from work.
“... there was no missing what was going on.”
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