The sails roll up.
Scale Models
The sails roll up.

I'm Officially All About Building Model Ships As a New Hobby

Who doesn't love to look at a beautifully crafted model ship? They're intricate and artful and you can tell they required a lot of detailed work and craftsmanship. My dad used to take me to scale model conventions.
And while I loved the cars and the buildings at these conventions, the ones that really drew me were the ships. Maybe it's all the rigging and tiny lines and the nautical aspects of it (because I love the water) but to me, there's just something magical about these tiny ships. And the ones in the bottles isimply floor me.
So I finally decided, in honor of my father, to try building a scale model ship. I didn't start with one in a bottle; that seems pretty difficult.
I decided to go with a 3-mast pirate ship. Seemed fun and I knew my son would go wild about the results. I found a good kit online and completed the ship in about 3 hours on a snowy Sunday afternoon. It was awesome and my son could actually help, too. He loved it. I loved it. We bought another scale model ship, this time the Titanic ship.
I'm thinking about building a scale iceberg to display next to the Titanic. Just kidding. I'm really loving the ones where you put it together and then have to paint details.
And I will almost always take a ship with sails over a speed boat or yacht. They look extra cool and they also make beautiful eyecatching pieces to display in your home.
“I love building ships with huge sails. They look amazing.”
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