Older games in my collection
Older games in my collection

In My Opinion: The best video games are sports games.

Older games in my collection.

Sports games

I've been playing video games since the 70's. From arcades to the original Nintendo system (which I still own) to my PS4, they've always been such a fun escape. I haven't gotten my wife or daughter into them, but they indulge me from time to time with some of the sports games I love.
NBA 2K18 for PS4.

NBA 2K18

This game is perfect if you love the NBA. It has a few different play modes: "MyCareer" which lets you create your own player & play through their career; there's also a team-managing mode and a "MyLeague" mode. I love the "MyCareer" mode because I enjoy playing through the life of the player.
FIFA 18 for PS4.


FIFA 18 is a great football game (or soccer, as us Americans call it). It features 52 licensed stadiums to choose where to play your match at. It's such a well made & fun game!
If I can get my hands on Pong, I would buy it today.


Pong was my jam back in the 70's! It was first released by Atari and became an instant hit (and classic) in arcades around the world. I remember heading to the arcade with my dad and a few friends after school once a week. We'd all get in line and take turns playing. There are places that feature it today; like barcades here in Los Angeles. Pong was a game that simulated table tennis. Never had that been so much fun!
Madden NFL 18 has a new mode called

Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 18 is your game for American football. There are several versions, this is just the newest. There's a new mode called "Longshot" that follows a guy from high school on.
Rocket League is a blast!

Rocket League

Rocket League has been such a fun game to play. It's a soccer game, but the twist is that you're in a high-powered car passing the ball back & forth until you score.
Mario Tennis Aces is coming soon!

Mario Tennis

Mario Tennis Aces is a new game that will be released in June of 2018. I'm looking forward to playing tennis with all of the Mario characters. There should be some fun twists in game play!
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