2006 Maserati
2006 Maserati

Italian cars are my jam even though they cost an arm and a leg

I bought my first foreign car last week and it was equivalent to buying a small winery outside of Los Angles. For the longest time I had been back and forth on if I'd buy a luxury car. 
I couldn't afford the new models so I got a classic. I found a 2006 model from this guy who was beyond being a billionaire. He was spring cleaning his car collection and gave me a killer deal. I could believe that I was going to get an apple red Maserati for the low price of$100,000. I know that seems like a ton of cash.
In the grand scheme of things it's actually a hell if a deal. A Maserati  normally sells for $600,000 which is completely out of my budget. Snatching a used older model was a steal. 
I found out about this deal from a friend of mine who goes to car auctions monthly. He met a guy at an auction in Kansas and mentioned I was in the market looking to buy.
The guy was so excited, but informed my friend that the car would need to be shipped from Italy to the U.S. This was going to be costly, but not as much as paying full price for a newer model Maserati. I flew out to Italy to inspect the car myself. It was a beauty and had only been driven four times. Luck was on my side.
I had the car shipped out for about $85,000 and that was it. I know have a collector's car and didn't break the bank. I'm so grateful my buddy put me on game. Now on to my next car.
“Luck was on my side.”
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