In my best Kundalini yoga pose
In my best Kundalini yoga pose

Kundalini Yoga Is A Healing Practice For Every Area Of Your Life

It amazes me what the human body can accomplish by focusing on inner peace. I wasn't into yoga very much for most of my life. I thought running did the trick of relaxing my mind and body.
Running only accomplishes a fraction of what kundalini yoga can do for you. Kundalini yoga is a practice that targets a primal energy at the base of the spine. Running mostly adds pressure to the spine. So it's actually a good idea to do a combination of both exercises. One practice will help heal the other.
I began kundalini yoga after a running injury I suffered. I pulled a muscle a few weeks ago and was told to take four weeks off. I didn't know what to do with myself. I was a mess.
My friend suggested doing yoga as it would be a great way to assist me in healing. I am all in when it comes to doing things that will help me heal quickly. I loved my first class.
I felt the changes in my body and also in my mental state. When I first injured my self had such a sour way of thinking. I thought my life was at a standstill for four weeks. When you give your attention to inner peace it will hep you see everything on your life differently. I feel like something has been released in me.
What has been released in me has also allowed me the desires to want to help others. Before I knew it, I had not only healed on the outside I healed in the inside too. I saved myself.
“I loved my first class.”
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