Gorgeous hiking path
Gorgeous hiking path

Make sure to grab a hiking map on your next adventure!

Hiking is probably my favorite thing to do by myself. I mean, yeah, I'll go with friends off and on (because they always ask to come with), but my preference is go adventuring solo. That's why it's important to have a hiking map.
There are many places I hike at that I know pretty well, so I don't take a map. Or, I know I'll actually have reception on my iPhone, which means, should I happen to lose my way, I'll be able to pull up the map right then and then and route my way back to my car. God bless smartphones! I remember when that wasn't even an option.
I can't even imagine life without a smartphone, nowadays! These phones make life so much easier. So, when hiking someplace new, it's important to have access to a trail map.
Whenever I can, I try to find the information center (most National parks or local parks, even, should have one). They have hiking maps in those centers, either in pamphlet form or on a large picture board so that I can easily take a photo of it for future reference. It's important to ask any questions about the trail you're going to take as well.
I usually just take the photo of it on my phone, because I can zoom in and out at my discretion. Make sure to note if there are any types of wildlife that might be a threat, too.
I have a few friends that give old school maps a hard time, but, if your phone dies... just saying! So, go exploring! Go rough the terrain by yourself or with friends and make sure to post pix!
“"... but if your phone dies... just saying!"”
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