The very best golf balls out there
The very best golf balls out there

Make sure you have the very best golf balls for your golf game!

I don't golf often, so I'm not too in tune with the most specific things I might need in order to have a great game. However, I do know that I need to have the best golf balls, the best clubs, and the best instructor-- my husband.
My husband golfs a few times a month, sometimes with friends and sometimes he begs me to come along with him. How sweet is he? We don't get a lot of alone time much with all the kids around, so when he goes out of his way to make a date happen and he hires a sitter, I make sure to be up for it! And, if that means that it's sometimes golf, that's okay.
If there's anything I know about golf supplies, you need the very best golf balls. My hubby informed me that a good ball can go a long way to helping your game. I had no idea!
He explained that there are certain golf balls coated in Urethane, which give the golf ball the best spin (plus, they feel nicer when you pick them up). We use Titleist golf balls. I love golfing with my hubby because he gets very hands on. It's so funny to see other people golfing and have them look over and my hubby has his arms wrapped around me.
He's showing me how to perfect my swing, of course, but it's so nice to have a great coach who can get so close. Ha! I see other wives out there with their husbands get jealous.
My hubby has gotten me to improve my swing so much, I've taken a few points off of my score. He's really proud of the progress I've made and so am I! We might even bring the kids someday. Maybe.
“My hubby informed me that a good ball can go a long way...”
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