Some of the pasta I ate that my husband made
Some of the pasta I ate that my husband made

Marathon Training For Beginners Is All About The Diet

I've never been a fan of carbs. Not because I was afraid of losing weight, because I they weren't my preference. I was more of a carnivore. I loved my steak dinners with red wine.
When I started training for my first marathon I was terrified. I knew I was great at running, but diet was going to be the biggest challenge for me. I was 100% right. It took me an entire 12 weeks to get the diet part down. It seemed like I could never consume enough carbs. Carbs were my diet and my life.
Even though I loved my red meat, I couldn't seem to consume enough protein either. I just wasn't in sync with the things I needed to eat. This concerned me because running 26.2 miles in one go could make or break me if I wasn't eating correctly. My husband Craig who is an avid marathon runner decided to step in.
He made a daily diet for me and really helped me out. He was strict about my consumption and so was I. We explored different kinds of cabs to eat besides pasta. That really helped me.
My mind was expanded and my marathon was flawless. I am so happy my husband helped with my diet. I crushed the run.
“Carbs were my diet and my life.”
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