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Miller stadium

MLB stadiums bring back so many good, nostalgic memories.

I actually really dig going to Major League baseball games. I like the energy of the stadium, the enormity of the space, and the smells of all of the food. Miller Park was always my favorite, especially with the renovations they made.
My parents started taking my brother and I to Minor League baseball games when we were little kids. My brother played Little League, so he was very interested in the sport and I was brought along because it was family time. As a little kid, the stadium felt never ending, even for a minor league game. We would go to the Timber Rattlers games.
The Timber Rattlers are Wisconsin's Minor League baseball team. The mascot is a Timber Rattler snake, "Fang" and he would come out with the Shakey's mascot and hand out pizza.
The mascots did these stupid little dances on the dugouts, which tickled me as a kid. As we got older, and we had family in town, my Grandparents would take my family and my Uncle's family to the Brewer games at Miller Park in Milwaukee. When the stadium got renovated in 2001, it was a like a whole new game! It suddenly felt even more vast.
Brewer games have fun "events" like Minor League games, too! They have these Weiner dogs that race around the bases; basically humans in giant weiner costumes falling down.
Now that I live in LA, I head to Dodger games in the summertime whenever I can. I don't know everything about baseball, but I just really like how being at MLB games make me feel-- nostalgic.
“"I just really like how MLB games make me feel-- nostalgic."”
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