Model kit building is for everyone
Scale Models
Model kit building is for everyone

Model building kits are a perfect way to connect.

Father and son with engineering kit

Engineering kit

Model building kits are a great way for kids to connect with someone they love and trust. When it's a parent, it's a really healthy way to build communication skills between the two. Life gets really hectic when you're a parent, so what better way to learn new things about your kid!
Grandfather and grandson

Wooden boat kit

Sharing this experience with someone like a grandparent is a really nice way to bridge an age gap. It allows for the grandparent to teach their grandchild something they wouldn't normally learn and allows for bonding in a new way that isn't just helping with school work or giving gifts.

Finished boat

The finished product of any model building kit is a beautiful memento to show off anywhere.

Sibling bonding

Have kiddos that fight all the time? Model kits are perfect to help build trust and communication between them. It allows them to focus on a task at hand, rather than fight over a toy. This they can do together and be proud of themselves!
Girl building

For everyone

Model kits aren't just for boys. Encourage young girls to explore with engineering and building as well!
Model plane

School time

Building in classrooms is another great way to keep kids engaged in the engineering process.
Safety first

Safety first!

Many model building kits can have tiny parts in them, so remember, safety first! Make sure the kit is age appropriate and have an adult present to supervise.
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