Turkish lira from my buddy Dan
Turkish lira from my buddy Dan

My Buddy Brought Me Back Turkish Lira As Gift From His Trip To Turkey

Usually when people go on vacation they bring back souvenirs. My buddy Dan went on holiday to Turkey and brought back actual cash money. I wasn't sure what to think at first.
I started off with a thank you and then started thinking if this was a nudge that I too should visit Turkey myself. Either way I wasn't quite sure what do with the Turkish Lira. My friend wrapped up his visit I though heavily about that do with my new gift. I talked to my wife about it and she came up with a brilliant idea.
She suggested I use the gift like any other sensible human being would do. So I decided to find a currency exchange place that would give me U.S. dollars. I traveled all the way to the Foreign Currency Exchange in Hollywood. It was a 15 minute drive, but well worth it. I exchanged almost all of the Turkish Lira.
I kept some in the case I don't make it to Turkey. The rest of the cash I kept and went shopping. My friend Dan had a birthday coming up so I figured I'd return the cash as a gift.
I felt so much better about it all. I felt a little strange keeping all the cash he gave me. I prefer the gift of giving.
“I prefer the gift of giving.”
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