A letter before receiving a stamp.
A letter before receiving a stamp.

My Childhood Stamp Collection

As a child I had a new "hobby" every other week. I collected bottle tops, joined girl scouts, and even collected stamps. After a recent trip to my hometown I stumbled upon this stamp collection.
My stamp collection was nestled away in my childhood bedroom among books I hadn't read in over twenty years, diaries, photos, and other abandoned hobbies like collecting coins and buttons.
My stamp collection was the one hobby that lingered in the back on my mind years after I thought I had given it up. When I first started collecting I did extensive research on stamps.
I collected stamps from all 50 states, with every President's face on them, and my personal favorite were the holiday stamps or stamps with cartoons.
A Snoopy Christmas stamp has a special spot in my collection until this very day. I never thought to do it for the accrued value later on in life or the exclusivity but merely because I loved the aesthetics of the stamps and having my own simple joy to look forward to whenever I mailed a letter.
My recovered stamp collection has reintroduced me to my own childhood wonder and has revitalized my pursuit of novelty stamps.
“My stamp collection was nestled away in my childhood bedroom”
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