It really didn't matter what kind of motor
It really didn't matter what kind of motor

My dad had a speedboat that would curse any boat motor we'd put on it.

Growing up on a lake, we had our fair share of boats. We had this little speed boat that was the bane of everyone's existance. It was my late grandfathers, so my dad didn't have the heart to get rid of it. It was an old, blue wooden boat.
The boat would take forever to start. It didn't matter what kind of motor you put with it. The motor would take forever to start up. For little speed boats like that, you need the type of motor that is basically like a lawn mower. But this boat must have been cursed, because it never mattered which motor we used. It was remarkable really.
It was almost as if this little speed boat had a magical curse that made an motor we used die. The motor would sputter to life, take us out onto the lake and then it would die.
We had paddles in the boat for just such an occasion. I ended up with really nice arm muscles one summer! I stopped using the boat after that. My dad tried to keep it afloat, pardon the pun, but even he was getting tired of it. He started just sitting in it, without a motor or anything. It became his little meditation space, I think.
He'd head down to the dock to sit in his dad's boat whenever he felted overwhelmed or angry. I'd see him sitting in it; sometimes having a full conversation.
That boat was my dad's last connection to his dad. I never knew that grandpa. He died when my dad was in his 20's, but he must have been something special. We never got to meet him.
“He started just sitting in it, without a motor or anything.”
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