My sister and I at lunch before our first game
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My sister and I at lunch before our first game

My Dad Helped Put In Many Of The Seats Inside Rogers Centre

My dad is a hardworking man. He raised my sister and I as a single father and never dropped the ball. He had one job, to provide for our family. He worked two jobs to do just that.
I remember a special project my dad worked on day and night when were younger. It lasted a little over six months, but he worked on it like it was his permanent place. His assignment was to put in the chairs at Rogers Centre. I'd never seen my dad so tired afer each day of working. He worked seven days a week.
He only took Sunday evenings off to be with us. When he was away my grandmother helped look after my sister and me. We were young so we didn't completely understand what was going on. I just knew I missed him when he was away. After his time working on the park came to an end my dad finally rested some.
He rested for a single day and took us to Rogers Centre for our first Toronto Blue Jays game. It was our first baseball game ever. That moment will always be special to me.
I know how hard my dad worked on the very chairs we sat in. I also know how much he sacrificed for the joy of others.
“That moment will always be special to me.”
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