The expensive watch I bought my dad
The expensive watch I bought my dad

My Dad Returned His Very Expensive Watch To The Wrong Store

If anyone knows my dad you should know that he is not a flashy person. He is the least materialistic person you will ever meet. I didn't get that trait, but that's good for him.
One year for his birthday I bought him a $4,000 watch. I was so proud and excited that I could finally afford to buy my dad something valuable. I had it his initials carved in it, gift wrapped and hand delivered by the store. The person delivering the watch wears white gloves to drop it off. It was true class at its finest.
My father received the gift and immediately called him. He was appalled that I spend so much money on something that did the exact same thing as a microwave clock. I was hurt, but also knew better. I thought my dad would still accept it because it was from me. He couldn't care less who it was from. He wasn't into it.
He went to return the watch the same day he received it. Only thing, he took it to the wrong store. He made a huge fuss and then apologized to the salesmen. I then assisted him.
We went to the luxury store together and returned the watch. We then went out for a simple lunch. He just wanted my time.
“One year for his birthday I bought him a $4,000 watch.”
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