Why do people not just live here full time?
Why do people not just live here full time?

My Experience Hiding On a Luxury Yacht For 6 Days (Bring Toothpaste!)

Luxury yachts are indeed luxurious! They're nicer than my Nan's house, and she has a very nice house thank you very much. The thing with most luxury yachts though, is that the rich people that own them rarely use them! Opportunity? You bet!
I had gotten into the harbor to get rid of the sea stars that were crowding the underside of the docks. Once I finished getting rid of an unsightly amount of sea stars, I noticed that there was one of those boat ladders that I'm sure has a name but I don't know it. Anyhow, I used the ladder to get aboard one of the nicer yachts and never looked back.
The interior of this thing was swanky. Swanky and coated in a thin layer of dust. Whoever owned this boat hadn't used it in a while. All the better to crash in for a while.
I knew that once I left the boat I would not have an easy time getting back in. I used my remaining cell battery to call my buddy Kristy and have her bring me some supplies. Within 3 hours she was there, with books, blankets, snacks, water, and a toothbrush. Things were looking good! We got 2 days totally undisturbed, but people began to take notice.
I found that acting incredibly arrogant towards them when they questioned me worked pretty well. "What am I doing here? Excuse me? Do you have any idea who I am? Do you?!"
Kristy had neglected to bring toothpaste. She forgot it, and I knew I couldn't last long without it. My teeth needed their toothpaste to stay clean and healthy. We ended up leaving after 6 days.
“My teeth needed their toothpaste to stay clean and healthy.”
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