Me and me new Fixie
Me and me new Fixie

My favorite Fixie in the world was taken from me with the quickness 

I was out on a local bike ride with a girl friend of mine. We met a couple of miles down the street on our Fixies at a place called Islands. It's this cool little restuarnt I frequent. 
When I got to the spot I noticed the bike rack was moved to the front of the building. I thought this was a good idea because if anybody tried to steal a bike they'd have to do it in front of the world. I locked my bike up and met up with my friend inside. We drank a few beers and chatted away. We were having a great time. 
After about four beers, a burger and some French fries later we decided to bounce to the next spot. We paid our tab then went to grab our bikes. It was gorgeous outside so our bikes were perfect to move around on. When we approached the bike rack I noticed my bike was gone. The lock and everything had been taken.
I was in disbelief. Who in the hell would steal a bike in front of everyone? I was livid. I even went back inside of Islands and asked to see the camera footage. That was a bust.
A few weeks later I went onto Craigslist and found another Fixie. I'm happy their a cheap buy or I wouldn't have a bike.
“ I locked my bike up and met up with my friend inside.”
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