I'm obsessed with this bird now
I'm obsessed with this bird now

My friend went to Mexico and saw Potoo birds & now I'm obsessed.

Crazy looking bird!


The Potoo bird is native to Central and South America, with the exception of Chile. They are also found in Mexico and Argentina with a huge amount in the Amazon Basin. They prefer humid forests to dry ones and are mainly sedentary, meaning they don't really travel.
Part bird, part tree stump.


Potoos are very nocturnal. They often spend their days perched on broken tree stumps or higher up in the trees and they sleep with their eyes half open. They like the tree stumps because they blend in so well! It's actually pretty creepy, but this is how they've adapted!
Ready to eat!


These birds eat insects. They come out at night time, when dusk hits, and they sit atop their perch stumps and wait for insects to fly by. Then they fly off to catch them.
Baby Potoos are so cute!


Potoo birds are monogamous creatures who share pretty equal responsibilities for incubating the eggs and raising the young. They seem like the most progressive bird breed I've read about! There is no nest, but instead a single egg is laid on a stump and incubated by the dad during the day time and they switch at night. Incubation is one month and the raising phase is two months which is a lot for a land bird!
Angry Potoo.


Potoos adapt different methods of defense. If it's a solo bird, or one protecting an egg, their best bet is to just rely on their camouflage which works really well more often than not.
Potoo birdie.

Defense con't

If there are several Potoos in an area, they've adapted to group defense where they band together and either swoop in or create loud cries to drive the predator off.
Potoo bird!


I'm entirely fascinated by these birds, right now! My friend went to Mexico and brought back photos of them. I need to plan a trip sometime soon so I can see them in person!
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