Toy ornament from 1976
Toy ornament from 1976

My grandfather started buying antique cars for sale when I was really young

These classic cars weren't your typical vessels. They were more decorative pieces. My grandfather Joe has a massive collection of Christmas ornaments that happen to be antique cars.
As a youngster I would spend every Saturday with my grandpa Joe. On those weekends we would go, "sailing" (which was code for shopping at yard sales) for new ornaments. Some weekends were more daunting than others. Imagine being a seven year old kid shopping in June for Christmas gifts, not the most eventful weekend.
I stuck it out weekend after weekend. There were many times gramps would let me pick out my own ornaments for the tree. He told me those cars were for my section only.
I took pride knowing I had my own area on grandpa's Antique Car Christmas tree. I started to have a different perspective on our "sailing" trips. They meant something more to me.
As my grandfather got older our trips weren't as frequent. We went from every Saturday to maybe twice a month. This made me a little sad because I had grown to truly enjoy the time shopping for antique cars and mostly being with Grandpa Joe. I was sad, but that didn't stop me from going out on my own to find new antiques.
I now have a collection of car ornaments for my own Christmas tree. My tree is a mixture of cars and regular ornaments. I could't be more proud.
“I stuck it out weekend after weekend. ”
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