Me and my grandma's chicken coop six years ago
Me and my grandma's chicken coop six years ago

My Grandmother's Sheep Farm Holds Some Of My Best Memories

My grandmother owned a sheep farm in Ohio from the time I was six years old until the day she died four months ago. Our family has been on the fence on what to do with the old farm.
I have so many memories down on the farm. Not just from the sheep, but from the other farm animals too. I learned some of my fondest lessons taking care of animals, growing crops and shaving sheep. My grandma's sheep on the farm was only used for their wool. We sold bundles for many years to local stores.
The sheep had such good lives as we treated them with love and care. We grew so many vegetables, canned and sold them each harvest. I only visited my grandmother during the summer months, but there was always something that needed to be tended too. My grandma was a hard worker and she past that down to me.
I assured my family that if we keep the farm I will make sure it is kept up each season. My family agreed to me taking on full responsibility and now the farm is 75% mine to own.
I couldn't just let those memories go away. My grandmother worked way too hard to just sell it to a commercial dealer.
“I couldn't just let those memories go away.”
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