The cyclist I shared the road with
The cyclist I shared the road with

My Hat Goes Off To Cyclists Who Ride Road Bikes In Big Busy Cities

I've got much respect for cyclist who ride on the road. I live in Los Angeles and the streets can be a little wild any day. There's always traffic and people doing the unexpected.
In the mornings I see people ride to work. Some are dressed in cycling gear. While others are stiff in there suits traveling just a few miles down the road. I see cars drive so close to the riders and many of the cyclists don't seem phased by the cars at all. They look straight ahead and keep focused on the road at all times.
There are other cyclists who make direct contact with motorist. They make what they are doing very clear at all times. These riders are very thorough in communicating. I like those kind of cyclists because there's no surprise with them. However, I fear for them too. There are just so many accidents that happen each day.
I was driving to work a few days ago and had to trail a cyclist for about five miles. The cyclist wasn't doing too fast, but he wasn't holding up traffic either. I stayed my distance.
I didn't want him to feel rushed. I also didn't want to pass him and cause an accident. I had to share the road.
“I had to share the road.”
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