A photo from one of our hikes
A photo from one of our hikes

My Husband And I Tried Fishing With A Fishing Net In Hawaii

I went to Hawaii for my lovely honeymoon. My husband and I visited Kauai which is now my favorite island. Each day felt like paradise. Everyone was very nice and helpful in every way.
We went on hikes and swam in the ocean almost every day we were there. One activity I enjoyed the most was net fishing. I never thought it would be something that could capture my interest. We went on a boat trip with one of the locals and he showed us how to fish with a net. We caught so many fish on our first try.
The next day my husband and I went out on our own and net fished the day away. My husband steered the boat while I tossed out the net. We caught our lunch and dinner each day for the remainder of our trip. When we returned I don't think we ate at fish for the next six months. Nothing compared to the fish we caught.
I never knew net fishing could be so much fun. It's very different from line fishing because you don't need to wait as long to catch a single fish at a time. It was much faster.
We haven't fished with a net or fished at all since our time in Hawaii. There was something magical about our time there.
“We caught so many fish on our first try.”
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