My birthday fishing pole
My birthday fishing pole

My Husband Bought Me Fishing Poles For My Birthday And I Don't Know Why

I remember telling my husband on one occasion that I used to love fishing. I loved it when I was a very little and went with my dad. For my birthday he actually bought me fishing poles.
I haven't fished in over 15 years and had no desire to fish anytime soon. My birthday was on a Saturday and I had a pretty decent birthday party with all of our family and friends. Majority of our guests came with gifts and were ready to party. By the shape of the gifts and knowing my friends there was a lot of cosmetics.
I love shopping for skincare and beauty products. It's one of my favorite things to do online and in-person. I couldn't wait to open my gifts. I open my gifts when friends are present.
It was gift opening time. The music was turned off and all of my friends and family surrounded me while I opened my gifts. My first gift was Chanel perfume from my mother. I loved it.
I opened a few more and they were also cosmetic related. I received a on of Sephora and Ulta gift cards. Then it was time to open my husband's gift. It had such an odd shape I didn't know what to think. It was a fishing rod. I laughed out loud. My husband looked so proud of his gift. I was confused. I didn't think it was real.
Then he reminded me of my love for fishing from when I was a little girl. It was so sweet and thoughtful, I couldn't help but to love it. We made plans to go fishing with my new rod.
“We made plans to go fishing with my new rod.”
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