Vegas is easiest for quick and inexpensive trips
Vegas is easiest for quick and inexpensive trips

My Little Tricks And Tips For Last-Minute Getaways

Look up the state parks in your home state

Explore in-state

Do you live in a state? Ha, of course you do! Check out the State Parks (and National, if any) in your state for a last-minute trip. The majority of state parks have inexpensive places to stay in or around them and it's usually easy to book last minute unless it's really popular like Yosemite.
Last-call cruise

Last-Call Cruise

Cruise lines offer discounted last-minute getaways when they need to fill an upcoming itinerary. Sweep up one of these last-minute deals and you could be on a 4-day Caribbean cruise with your food and board included in a ridiculously low price.
Vacation rental sites

Vaca Rentals

Flipkey, VRBO, HomeAway, HomeExchange, AirBnB... take your pick; you can always find somewhere cool to stay with all of these vacation rental sites.
Good ol' Vegas

Go Vegas, fast and cheap

If there's one place where you can travel cheaply and at a moment's notice, it's Vegas. It is by far the easiest destination to hit up for last-minute trips and it's completely doable on a low budget because there are so many hotels and countless deals. There are always flight and travel discounts to Vegas from anywhere in the U.S., and depending on where you live, you can drive there too.
Look up nearby bodies of water

Bodies of Water

Take a road trip to whatever large body of water is closest to you. If it's summer, you can boat and swim. If it's winter, you can ski. And in any season, you'll enjoy beautiful water views.
Go nowhere but stay in a nice hotel

Hotel at home

This one's fun, especially in bigger cities. Put your travel funds (for flights, gas) toward the most expensive lodging in your city for one night and live it up in your own hometown.
Visit friends and family

F&F Visits

Take a road trip to visit your nearest friend or family member who doesn't live in your hometown. Offer to return the favor in the future and bring a gift and take them to dinner for thanks.
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