A beautiful filet de sole
A beautiful filet de sole

My mother prepared filet de sole every Friday night for years.

Being from Wisconsin, the Friday Night Fish Fry is where you need to be if you're anyone who knows anyone. Every restaurant and bar that serves food is in on this racket. It originated as a Catholic tradition to have fish on Fridays.
That turned to frying the fish, because the Midwest likes it's food fatty. Nothing wrong with that, because sometimes it's done so right! It's basically a fish 'n chips kind of deal. My family and I only went out to eat for Friday Night fish fry once a month if we were lucky. We weren't the most wealthy, so my parents preferred to save money.
We did still partake in the tradition of eating fish on Fridays, though. They would bake a cod or a haddock filet and we'd eat french fries that they would bake in the oven.
One Friday evening, my mother prepared a filet de sole instead of her usual filet of cod or haddock. I was never really a fan of cod or haddock because it was too fishy for me as a kid. The filet de sole, however, was incredibly mild. I ate every last bite! My mother was ecstatic because she knew firsthand just how picky of an eater I could be.
Everyone else liked it, too, and that was all my mother needed to hear. She only bought filet de sole from then on out until we stopped eating fish on Fridays altogether.
My tastes have evolved, as they do as one ages, so I enjoy many types of fish now. I can't eat a filet de sole anymore, though. I'm a bit burnt out from all of those years of consuming it!
“... she knew firsthand just how picky of an eater I could be”
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