Me prepping to interview En Vogue
Me prepping to interview En Vogue

My Time Covering The Essence Festival Taught Me About En Vogue

I used to think Vogue Rue was only a fashion magazine. It was the magazine company I had reported for the last ten years. I was a journalist who covered music events around the world.
The editor and chief wanted to take the magazine in a new direction. The goal was to be more inclusive. One year I was sent to cover the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana. I knew absolutely nothing about the festival. So I got to it and did my homework. I came across an R&B group named En Vogue.
At first I thought they were a group that Vogued their way around the stage. To my surprise they were an very well-known singing group who were on top in the 90's. I listened to some of their music and loved it. I was in to En Vogue. I immediately had our trip coordinator set up an interview with the group. I was ecstatic.
Everything went according to plan. I arrived to the festival on time and interviewed the group. The women were so nice and candid. There was nothing off limits during the interview.
The interview debuted in the magazine the following month. The next year we were invited back to the festival.
“I was into En Vogue.”
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