The perfect running knot for your laces
The perfect running knot for your laces

My Top Three Running Tips For Any Runner At Any Level

We all have the rules we live by when it comes to running. My favorite running tips are simple. First things first, remember to breathe, move your arms, stretch and do your best.
Breathing is the most important of all my tips because it gives you rhythm. The rhythm dictates your pace and keeps you steady. When you take shallow breaths you end up cutting yourself short and working a lot harder. You should be breathing through each motion. Remember, we are not in a swimming race. It's a run!
My next big tip is moving your arms. Most people believe that moving your legs is what helps you run like the wind. That is the biggest running myth out there. Your arms navigate and control what your legs do. They should be hanging low on your sides. They should be in an upright position moving back and forth.
Lastly, stretching can make or break all of the hard work you've put into your workout. Stretching helps the body's muscles repair after pushing them through such a strenuous workout.
With these three tips you should be able to run effortlessly and feel like a great after every workout. Good luck!
“My favorite running tips are simple.”
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