The letter I wrote
The letter I wrote

My Wife Still Hasn't Forgiven Me For Using Her Penny Black Stamp

I wrote a letter to the birdwatcher I interview about five years ago to thank him for the time we spent together. It was the first letter I'd written in a long time. Probably ever in my life.
I wrote the letter and then desperately searched for a single stamp to mail it with. I couldn't find a stamp if my life depended on it. So I send a text to my wife asking if she had any stamps. Of course she answered yes. I quickly checked her top drawer and found a single stamp siting in an envelope. I was in luck.
The stamp looked pretty old and fragile. I just figured it had been there for a while. So I licked it and put in on the envelope. A few days later my wife came to me about a stamp.
I had no clue what she was talking about. So I blew it off and went to work. She messaged me again and sent me a picture of the stamp that was missing from her drawer. This was bad.
I told my wife I mailed it out a few days ago. I'd never seen my wife so upset. When she enlightened me with the stamp's background I could see why she was mad. I scrolled up through my messages and say a text from her saying, "do not use the black stamp". It was all my fault. I had to get it back, used and all.
I contacted the birdwatcher about the stamp. He recognized it and immediately got it back to me. My wife was relieved, but will never let it go. I'm just happy we got it back at all.
“He recognized it and immediately got it back to me. ”
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