Jon Snow my new Yorkie
Jon Snow my new Yorkie

My Yorkie puppy makes the strangest noises

I love puppies! I love them just as much as Oprah loves bread. I love them more than human babies. That's probably not right, but I do. It took four years before I'd get my first pup.
Out of all the dogs to choose from I chose a Yorkie. It's nothing more because of how cute and low maintenance they are. They hardly shed, have a small poop to clean up and are dumb cute. I bought Jon Snow a little less than a year ago and he's been a complete blessing. He's the most delicate creature I've ever handle.
He is incredible small, but full of energy all of the time. Jon Snow also makes the craziest noises. Sometimes I feel like he talks back when he doesn't get his way. One day it was time for Jon Snow's afternoon walk. He was a little overdue at this point, but I needed a few moments to finish up some work. He wasn't with it.
I directed my voice to him and told him to hang on. Jon Snow barked back at him. I laughed a little, but noticed he took it a step further and started making louder noises.
He was basically telling me to get up on his demand. He was so distracting I actually stopped working and took him out.
“It took four years before I'd get my first pup.”
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