Fang meets the Brewers
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Fang meets the Brewers

Of all the baseball teams, the Timber Rattlers are my favorite.

Wisconsin Timber Rattlers

The Timber Rattlers

Most people's favorite baseball team is in the Major Leagues. Mine, is in the Minor Leagues. I love the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. My parents would take my brother and me to their games in the spring and summer when we were growing up and they are some of my happiest memories.
Fang: Timber Rattler's mascot

Fang, the mascot

So, this is Fang, the mascot for the Timber Rattlers. He is just about the happiest looking snake I've ever seen! He was so much fun to watch when I was a kid. He'd get up on top of the dugouts and do these silly little dances for moral. Have you ever seen a snake dance?
Fang on top of dugout

Fang dancing

Here's Fang on top of a dugout. I always felt bad for the guy in there if it was super hot out. I can't imagine being a Furry in hot weather. It must be awful!
Timber Rattler stadium

Timber Rattler stadium

The stadium is in Appleton, WI, which was about 45 minutes from where we lived. As a kid, that drive took forever, but now that I live in LA, I know that it's a piece of cake for that travel time/distance! This stadium felt huge as a kid-- everything is huge when you're little! But as an adult, I can really appreciate that it's smaller than a normal MLB stadium, and that's why it feels a bit more "homey".
Timber Rattler scoreboard


The Timber Rattler scoreboard was always a source of entertainment. Not only did it let you know who was up at bat, stats, etc, but it played fun videos and songs to sing to.
Timber Rattlers gear


The Timber Rattlers also did really fun raffles and games. They raffle off Timber Rattler gear, or even tickets, with your seat number which they'd post on the scoreboard.
Kids on dugout

On the dugout

The thing I never got to do (but always wanted to do!) was be brought up on top of the dugout with Fang for a contest or game. The kids always had such a fun time, plus they got free stuff!
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