An annual pass costs $80
National Parks
An annual pass costs $80

Oh The Places You'll Go... With a National Park Pass

America the Beautiful Pass

The Parks Pass

The National Park Service's American the Beautiful Pass is $80 for the entire year. It will give you access to about 2,000 federally protected parks, forests and recreation lands in the country. But this pass doesn't just cover your access...

Your guests too

The Park Pass covers day-use fees, vehicle fees and entrance fees for all passengers in your car (or up to 4 adults if the park charges per person). Kids under 15 are free with this pass. So your friends and family can benefit from this too.
It'll pay for itself in a trip or 2

Entrance Fees

Those are Yosemite's entrance fees, and they're pretty similar to most of the other parks. These fees go to NPS so they can maintain the trails and such, so they're a good thing.
America's National Parks Map

All The National Parks

Okay, America's National Parks are pretty heavily concentrated on the West Coast, although Florida has a good amount of them too. The pass might make more sense if you live on the West Coast but honestly, even if you only fit about 2-3 parks a year, the pass will be worth it. And even if you don't get all your money's worth in a year, you're supporting the parks!
Vernal Falls in Yosemite

58 Parks...

America has 58 national parks, 124 national forests and hundreds of national wildlife refuges. You have so many options here.
California has the most parks

Cali's got 9

California has the most National Parks in the country, with 9 of them. I've been to 5 of them so far and they've all been amazing. Yosemite tops my list.
Alaska comes next with 8 parks

AK's got 8

Alaska follows Cali with the most parks, although admittedly, their parks are a little harder to get to. Denali's on my bucket list.
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