I love to search for new constellations.
I love to search for new constellations.

Once You See a Constellation, You'll Never Look at Stars the Same Way Again

Pictured here is the Virgo constellation. Its brightest star is Spica.


Virgo is the largest constellation of the Zodiac and the second largest of all constellations. The only constellation that is larger than Virgo is Hydra. Virgo lies between Leo and Libra. Virgo draws its name from the Latin word for virgin. In mythology the Virgo was also known as The Furrow. 
The Aquarius constellation is comprised of 12 stars with planets.


The Aquarius constellation sits between Pisces and Capricornus. Aquarius is a more difficult constellation to spot. The best time to find it in the Southern Hemisphere is in the spring, and in the Northern Hemisphere, in the fall. Aquarius derives from the Latin word for water-carrier.
Libra is represented by scales.


The Libra constellation represents balance and is usually referred to as "the scales." Unlike all of the other Zodiac constellations, Libra is the only one to represent an inanimate object.
You'll find part of the constellation to look like a scorpion's tail.


In Latin, Scorpius is the term for scorpion. But in different countries this constellation is given other names. In Indonesia it is widely known as the Banyakangrem (the brooded swan) or Kalapa Doyong (leaning coconut tree). In Hawaii this constellation is referred to as Maui's Fishhook. Because it has several bright stars such as the Antares, a red supergiant, it makes this constellation an easier one to spot. 
Named after Leo the Lion because of its resemblance to a crouching lion.


Leo is named after Leo the Lion. This constellation is one of the easiest to find. The trick to finding this one is to find the Big Dipper as its “pointer stars” direct you exactly to Leo.
Sagittarius in Latin means archer.


Sagittarius is known as the Archer as it's based on Chiron, an archer from Greek mythology. This constellation has 32 stars with known planets. Similar to Leo, it is easy to spot.
Cancer has 10 stars with planets.


Cancer's name derives from the latin word meaning crab. This constellation is more difficult to spot, as it is the dimmest of all Zodiac constellations. It has no stars brighter than 3.00m.
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