Aerial view of Coors Field
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Aerial view of Coors Field

Our trip to Denver ended with an amazing baseball game at Coors Field.

We went on a trip to Denver, Colorado last month. We loved the food, the sites, and us parents enjoyed the beer. The one thing we had to do on our trip, though, was visit Coors Field! We love going to baseball games as a family!
Obviously, we go to Dodger's games in Downtown Los Angeles during the spring and summer months of baseball season. It's such a fun experience for us and for our kids. Even our teenage boy still likes to come to baseball games with us as a family! That's why we couldn't miss the opportunity to hit up the famous Coors Field home of the Colorado Rockies.
When they built the stadium, construction workers found a bunch of dinosaur bones. They even found a seven foot long, one thousand pound triceratops skull. How neat!
Due to the finding of this skull, they decided to make their mascot a triceratops named Dinger. My kids loved hearing about this bit of history and couldn't wait to take photos with Dinger after the game. Since this stadium is the highest in elevation, the low air density allows for baseballs to travel better and farther. Home runs would be easy!
So, they decided to make the outfield fence larger as well, to accommodate & fix that issue. This ballpark is ginormous. My family and I couldn't get over the largeness of it all.
Coors Field is so centrally located in downtown Denver, it's so easy to get to. If you ever find yourself in Denver during baseball season, you simply must head to a baseball game!
“It's such a fun experience for us and for our kids.”
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