My wife's plus size overalls
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My wife's plus size overalls

Plus Size Overalls Look Exactly Like Non-Plus Size Overalls — It's True

After my wife had our baby boy she still carried much of the baby weight. She moved her way into wearing plus size clothing. She was embarrassed about it for a long time. She hated shopping.
I decided to help out with her shopping situation. I went online tried to find as many fun and beautiful outfits I could. I found the coolest pair of overalls I knew she would love. I waited about a week for her overalls and sweats to arrive. The clothes were a surprise and I was lucky she wasn't home when they arrived.
She was out grocery shopping with our boy. I took out the items out and just knew everything was perfect. I was wrong about that. The items weren't plus size at all. I felt bamboozled.
I had chosen the wrong size. I couldn't believe it. I went back on the site and realized that many of the articles were the same for plus size and non. I had to return everything.
I honestly didn't realize there was a difference because it all looks the same online. I knew reordering the items I would have to be careful and pay attention to the fine print. I reordered everything and got it all to my wife. She wasn't thrilled about the sizes, but she was happy about the thought behind them.
That next week she sported her new overalls more than anything in her closet. She thought they were most comfortable and didn't feel completely overweight when wearing them. I did well.
“ I felt bamboozled.”
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