Yoga is a great practice for kids.
Yoga is a great practice for kids.

Power Yoga For The Whole Family

My wife always makes sure that our kids get out and into nature as often as possible. She does yoga every evening with our kids and recently I've even joined in.
My work schedule didn't allow this until very recently but now I'm fully partaking in the practice. We do "power yoga" and it really makes you work up a sweat because you move so quickly between each pose. The kids really love it and look forward to coming home to yoga and a snack after school.
My wife and I have both noticed how power yoga has positively effected our children. I think the breathing practices used during power yoga really have helped them center themselves.
Personally, I've noticed that I've lost weight and toned more after doing power yoga for a while. I'm also a lot more flexible than I used to be and I've been able to sleep better.
Power yoga is another name for "Ashtanga Yoga" the "power" moniker was just given to the yoga practice to indicate that it's an intense workout. During the warm up and cool down of each practice my wife ensures that we all engage in deep breathing practices that I've grown to love. I feel serene afterward.
To all the parents out there who enjoy yoga think about introducing it to your kids next time. I can almost guarantee that they'll love it and it will help them physically and mentally.
“She does yoga every evening with our kids...”
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