Aruba has no hurricanes but does have year-round
Aruba has no hurricanes but does have year-round

Pros And Cons For The Most Popular Caribbean Vacation Islands

The DR has tons of wide beaches with clear waters

Pro - The DR

There's lots of space. After Cuba, Hispaniola is the Caribbean's largest island (includes the Dominican Republic combined with Haiti). The DR has really capitalized on its tourist market, by creating tons of gorgeous seaside resorts on impossibly wide beaches with warm aquamarine water.
The infrastructure can get a little rough and there's lot of poverty

Con - The DR

It's tough to get around if you want to leave the resort. Many areas around the popular tourist beach districts like Punta Cana, Samana and La Romana are poorly developed with rough roads and few transporation options.
Swanky Anguilla has hefty prices

Con - Anguilla

It's uber expensive. In fact, it ties with St. Barts for the most expensive island in the Caribbean at which to vacation. So go there if you have a big budget.
Anguilla's gorgeous beaches

Pro - Anguilla

Its con sort of turns into a pro in that you get what you pay for. The whole 35-square-mile island is well developed, with excellent shops, premium hotels, fine-dining restaurants and more. The wireless connectivity is excellent anywhere you go. And there's nary a rocky shore in sight in Anguilla's beautiful beaches.
You don't have to worry about hurricanes in Aruba

Pro - Aruba

It's outside the hurricane belt, unlike almost every other Caribbean island. So you can come here any time of year and not have to worry about much rain. Expect hot sun, wind and calm water.
Aruba is far

Con - Aruba

Aruba's constantly windy because of trade winds and it is far from the mainland and Atlantic. In fact, it's almost in South America. It's a long flight or 2 to get here.
Fun shopping and eating areas

Pro - Aruba

Aruba's tourist areas are charming, vibrant and fun. Bars burst with happy . people, colorful store fronts beckon shoppers and there are excellent but affordable restaurants everywhere.
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