My small rare coin collection
My small rare coin collection

Rare Pennies Can Be Lucky Pennies Especially From 1943

The penny is the least love coin of them all. I believed that for the longest time because it took so much time for them to amount to a large sum. One think I know for sure is a penny's worth.
I watch a lot of History channel shows. Most of the shows cover wars I already know way too much about. Other shows focus on America's history and now American currency. There's a show called Currency Treasures that breakdown all of the coins in the world and their worth. The first episode was all about the penny.
I nearly fainted when they revealed the worth of a 1943 penny. It's worth an estimated $85,000. And yes, those are American dollars. After that episode I searched all day for that coin.
From that day forward I pick up any penny I see at home and around town. I put forth some real effort and joined a group called Coin Trackers. This is where I really scored some cash.
I was officially a money chaser. I check the Coin Tracker at least six to eight times a day. I figure, you never know what you're going to find. I was at a Starbucks one day and received some change back from the cashier. I received two quarters, six dimes and four pennies. I checked the pennies right away. I had something big.
It wasn't the 1943 penny, but it was a 1923 Wheat Penny. It's worth was $750. I didn't cash it out right away. I still have it and plan to sell all my coins as a collection.
“I had something big.”
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