A Polaroid SX-70
A Polaroid SX-70

Rediscovering My Love for Vintage Cameras

I'm a child of the 70s so I experienced analog cameras and film in my youth and lived through the revolution of digital cameras in my early adulthood. Now that I'm in my 40s I look back at my early life with nostalgia.
I have kids of my own now and they recently have asked for Polaroid Instax Mini 9s. These small colorful camera scratch the itch for that on film nostalgia. The photos they produce are quite small though. In fact, they are too small for my aging eyes so it opened the door for me to pursue other means of analog cameras.
I unearthed my once coveted SX-70 and started snapping photos with it. This past year another corporation started manufacturing film for these models of Polaroids last year.
Ultimately, I decided that I had outgrown this model. So I did a little research in too what I wanted. I wanted a large photo first and foremost and an authentic color pay off as opposed to the washed out contrived "vintage" look. I decided on the Instax 300 because it provides clear, wide film photos. I eagerly bought one and had it expedited.
My SX-70 has become more of an accessory these days. If I'm going out and want film photos I always bring my Instax 300 and my phone.
For social media I always choose to snap a few quick pics but my analog camera is always a fan favorite. There's something about waiting those 90 seconds for your picture to develop that is magic
“I unearthed my once coveted SX-70 & started snapping photos”
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