An American craftsman style home.
An American craftsman style home.

Remodeling Our Home: The American Craftsman

My wife and I have lived in Denver for five years now and have finally decided to remodel our home. After a lot of deliberation we decided on an American Craftsman style home.
The most popular style of homes in the Denver area are bungalow and Victorian style homes. Bungalow style homes are a Denver style classic it's almost impossible to go anywhere in the city and not see a home like this and we wanted something that stood out a little more but wasn't too outlandish. The American craftsman style was a very easy decision.
What I love about a craftsman is that it feels so classically American. Denver is a city where the mountains take a large focal point and the craftsman style fits perfectly here.
What made us ultimately decide upon this style is the exposed wood elements of the craftsman style. We also love the porch. My wife and I are both Southern and something we both grew up doing is playing on our front porch. This is something that we want for our children. Our current home has a porch but it's very minimal and we need more for them.
We're so excited to finally remodel our home and are hoping that the process is fast. We're hoping to have our home done by next summer.
An American craftsman is an exceptional style home. It will fit amazingly into our neighborhood and we're excited to have a home for our family to grow into and have our kids grow up in.
“What I love about a craftsman is that it feels so American.”
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