Roundabout Is My Favorite (And First!) Indie Game

My daughter in college was home a few weekends ago. I had asked her to help with my computer, which she did. She also installed this game I had never heard of called Roundabout. She said I'd like it and that I had to play it at least once.
I turn the game on, and it is certainly strange. The game has a very 1970's look to it, and the story is about this limousine driver that is supposed to be a man but is clearly played by a woman? The people she picks up in her (his?) limo are all strange and funny. One of them is a plastic skeleton Halloween decoration! The limo itself is the weirdest.
This game certainly is violent! The game is cartoony looking, so there is not too much detail, but when you run over people with your limo, their blood gets everywhere!
The limo rotates constantly. Sort of like a revolving door. The limo can move but only while rotating. This makes moving the limo tricky, and is part of what makes the game so silly. I don't want to spoil any more of the game, so you will all just have to play for yourselves! You can buy the game through this free thing called Steam. All online!
Steam is this online game store that has more games than I had ever seen before! My daughter was excited I liked the game, and its given us something new to talk about.
I hope my daughter introduces me to more games she thinks I'll like. I was skeptical at first, but I ended up really having fun with Roundabout! Very silly and very fun and not easy!
“The limo rotates constantly. Sort of like a revolving door.”
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