Middle school runners at a track meet
Middle school runners at a track meet

Running programs for kids is a great way to shape their future

I started running when I was five years young. My brother who is three years older than me ran also. It all began with our gym teacher Mr. Rafel. He saw talent we never new existed.
Mr. Rafel insisted on having a chat with our mother. From that moment on things would never be the same. My mother, brother and myself traveled all around the Midwest to compete in track meets for children. We loved it all as we got the chance to visit new places and people. We even won a few first place medals too.
My brother competed in all of the sprinting events. He usually finished between first and second place,but never third. My races were the same, but I would normally finish third.
Once we completed the regional races in elementary school we advanced to middle school. We dominated in these races as well. By then we had raced many of the students in our district.
In high school my brother and I were beyond our years in training for running. I was was on the varsity team as a freshmen why my brother had received his first of many scholarships. Running had formed our lives in a way we never thought could happen. We were both able to attend college paid for due to our natural born talent.
I am thankful for my mother who made sure we never missed practices. Without the attention from our teachers this sport would have been for fun only. Instead it shaped our lives.
“He saw talent we never new existed. ”
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