Our flat-bottom boat we loved so much growing up
Our flat-bottom boat we loved so much growing up

Shallow rivers & flat-bottom boats equal some of the best adventures!

There was this shallow river in our backyard when we were growing up. We'd go back there and skip rocks or try to catch fish (which never happened); we eventually resorted to hunting the minnows that would swim around in schools.
The one thing I really wanted, though, was a boat, but the river was only about a foot deep, so I knew that a boat wasn't really feasible. My brother's and I tried building a raft, once. We gathered sticks of all shapes and sizes; had our dad get us some twine, and we went to town! Our raft was about three feet by three feet and sank immediately.
We were all devastated. We went back to just playing in the river and skipping stones. When we came home from school one day (I was maybe ten), our dad told us he had a surprise.
He walked us out to the backyard by the river and showed us a small boat sitting there! I was very confused, as the, again, the river was shallow. He said he went asking around about boats for shallow rivers and he found there's a boat perfect for that-- a flat-bottom boat! Since I originally was the one to ask for a boat, he took me out in it first.
He wanted to take us each one at a time and then we could all go out together once we learned boat rules and safety for everyone. Even though the river was shallow, he made us wear
those ugly life-jacket vests. It was part of the rules, so we did it. The flat-bottom boat was the most fun. We all had so many adventures together! My dad was always my favorite because of that.
“... he went around asking about boats for shallow rivers...”
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