Classics that give female characters complexity
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Classics that give female characters complexity

Shout Out To Classic Films That Don't Objectify Women

As you can see from my profile name, no, I'm not James Bond, and thank god for that. They're still making Bond films and he's still a total womanizer, despite Daniel Craig's vow to not portray him as a womanizer.
Um, hello, did anyone see Spectre? Nice try, dude. He's still the distant tough guy showing disinterest to gorgeous women half his age who are falling all over him. Anyway, I get it, that's James Bond, he doesn't want commitment, he avoids intimacy and closeness. One day, back when Bond was new, it was probably a new dynamic too. Now it's just old.
Even though Scarlett O'Hara is largely focused on marrying and men, her achievements and accomplishments are her own doing. She doesn't need the men in the film; she wants them.
That brings me to Classic Films that still manage to hold up today in terms of complex females that aren't marginalized or objectified. And of course, the number one film for that is Gone With the Wind. I know you think I'm just saying this because I'm a southerner, but I promise, it's not and if you haven't seen it, you need to, now.
Sadly though, there aren't many classics that don't ignore or sexualize women. Of course that's changing now, but feel free to add some of your fave female films in the comments.
Gone With the Wind manages to make a film about a complex and intelligent woman who was strong and her own person despite the confines, biases and prejudices of the ol' South.
“Too many classics ignore and objectify women. ”
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