The Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde
National Parks
The Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde

Soft Sandy Dunes And Ancient Cliff Dwellings In Colorado's National Parks

There are dunes and they are great

Great Sand Dunes

Did you know there are massive sand dunes nestled in front of the majestic Rocky Mountains? You can climb and play on them for days. The sand is sugary soft and there's a creek that runs through the base of them. Happy sliding!
Slide down these dunes

Dunes Close-Up

Nope, this picture is not from the Arabian Desert - this is also the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. It's almost directly south of Denver. When I see this pic, I just wanna grab my snowboard and slide down some dunes. Your butt works just fine too.
Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountain National Park is my favorite and probably the one you all know about. I mean geez, just look at the majestic splendor of these mountains.
Rocky Mountain National Park

More Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains National Park surrounds the greater Denver area, and all of it is just outstanding. Longs Peak is the tallest peak at 14,500 feet, and you can climb that using teh Keyhole Route. You can also raft on the the Colorado River, which starts in these mountains. There are lakes, grasslands and forests too, all with campsites and lodges. Pretty dope.
Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde National Park is in southwest Colorado. It's hard to believe you can see something like this in the states, but it's there and it's so rad.
Mesa Verde Again

More Mesa

The Cliff Palace here is an ancient dwelling Ancestral Pueblo peoples who lived here for 700 years starting in the 7th century. Pretty amazing, huh.
All the parks

All the Parks

These are just 3 of Colorado's National Parks, and they happen to be my favorites of course. There are also forests, hot springs, canyons and more. Check them out!
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